Help us improve Clozemaster! What would you most like to see added, changed, or improved?

Hello, @mike !
I’ve been thinking if it’s possible to add new dictionary entries to the sidebar, particularly for monolingual dictionaries, that would help a lot. Or, even better, if you can make your own custom link, but I guess that would be harder to implement because of different URL structures.

Some suggestions for dictionary links are:
Larousse for French:

Duden for German:
DWDS for German:

Treccani for Italian:

Weblio国語辞典 for Japanese:木

Daum for Korean (universal search mode):나무

Van Dale for Dutch:

I’m sure there are other acclaimed dictionaries for other languages but I’ll leave it to the experts here. Sorry for the wall of text.


Hi Mike,

I am enjoying Clozemaster but I do have concerns about the quality control on the Greek-to-English sentences. Unfortunately, there seem to have been several non-native Greek speakers on Tatoeba who ‘contributed’ (aargh) in Greek, resulting in quite a few sentences with small errors, and the occasional howler (see: chicken nuggets).

I point out the obvious mistakes when I catch them, and check with Tatoeba, but - I am not a native Greek speaker, and cannot be trusted too far!

I would really like some oversight for the Greek. I do really value the ability to add my own sentences. Thanks -

Hello, I’d like to suggest two additions:

  1. The possibility of showing the english translation first, and only then (after hitting Enter, for instance) showing the target language sentence to complete. When I’m about to fill in word, I like first to think about the sentence and try to come up with my own translation into my target language before looking at the screen. The problem is that the two sentences are so close that I cannot avoid seeing the other one.

  2. On the (still hidden) “full text mode”, it would be nice if it had a button to switch to “text mode” when we get stuck, just as “text mode” has a button to switch to multiple choice.

And thanks by the amazing app, this is my first post here.


This happens to be one of my long-standing feature requests. I think it would be relatively trivial to implement, and would bring tremendous benefit for those who have grown out of filling in one word at a time.


I really really wish for a streak freeze

I wish there was a way to click on any Cantonese word/character in the sentence to look up the definition, not just the missing word.

EDIT: This is in reference to the mobile app. I see on web it does let you click on other words, but they aren’t individual characters. Instead it will usually take multiple characters/words at once instead of allowing you to click on and look up the definition of an individual character.

Also when you click on a word for translation, I feel like it should jump down to the language you are studying instead of having to scroll all the way down the page to get to the definition. In particular, for characters used in multiple languages (e.g. Japanese, Korean, and Chinese), you may have to scroll past other languages which takes even longer.

With Wiktionary you can directly jump to the language by adding the language to the end of the url. For example, 咱 - Wiktionary

So if the user is studying Chinese, you can add the #Chinese to the end. If for some reason the language is not on the Wiktionary page, it shouldn’t break anything as it will just load the Wiktionary page as usual but without jumping to the language section.

Hi @szei and welcome!

When using the Wiktionary popover or sidebar, for the languages that I study when the page is loaded it does jump directly to the correct language (as per your suggestion).

I’ve just tried starting the Mandarin course, and I can see that it is attempting to load the page (in this case for 所以 [suǒyǐ]) using “#Mandarin Chinese” instead of ‘’#Chinese" i.e. it’s trying to load the page at the correct point, but unfortunately it is using the wrong label.

Therefore, this looks like it is actually a “bug”, so if you repost this comment in the Bug Reports category then hopefully it should get fixed quite quickly (N.B. the Clozemaster admins should be reading this particular “Help us improve Clozemaster!” thread, but submitting as a bug report would probably be cleaner). They probably just need to do a simple mapping of the Clozemaster names of course target languages to the names as used on Wiktionary.


Ah, thank you for that. I will submit a bug report. I was using the mobile app so I couldn’t see that they were already trying to redirect the url.