"We should have stayed with him"

Giorgio gave me “Saremmo dovute con lui” but my first thought was “Saremmo dovuti…”

It’s probably obvious ma oggi sono bloccata;-(

Grazie in anticipo


It depends on the surrounding conditions.

A female speaker referring to herself and a group of women would say “saremmo dovute stare con lui”. In all other cases the correct translation is “Saremmo dovuti stare con lui.”


@mike-lima. Ah ha, ClozeM keeping us on our toes giving us Giorgio here and not Carla.

Grazie come sempre.


I believe that the voice is random at the moment; matching the voice to the grammar did come up in a feature discussion way back in November of 2020, but it would not be a trivial project. I’m not expecting it to happen any time soon.


Ciao @LuciusVorenusX Ah, non ti preoccupare, I’m more than happy with the voices being random, I was just a bit slow this time, and certainly don’t want them to match up exactly. It would spoil the fun;-)