"Time played" is negative

On the “More stats” page, “Time played” is negative (-5022:0-44:0-53):

This is the web version (Firefox/Windows 11).


I still see the problem in Russian though not in Hebrew (where the total amount of time I’ve played is lower).



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@mike: A year and a half after I reported the problem, this is still broken. You can see the problem in Russian, where I’ve played for a longer time:

but not in Hebrew, where I’ve played for a shorter period of time:


If the time played is proportional to the number of sentences played, then based on the figures for Hebrew, I would expect the number of hours I’ve played in Russian to be about 900. So the display seems to break down somewhere between 120 and 900 hours.


Time calculation seems to be borked in a number of places in Clozemaster. The fact that you haven’t had even a basic reply in a year and a half makes me (oddly) feel (slightly) less bad that nobody has bothered looking at this issue in Italian which I reported 5 months ago.

But wait, there’s more!

I always look forward to getting the weekly Clozemaster progress report e-mail which shows me just how FAR it is possible to distort, warp, and cause great damage to the temporal dimensions without actually breaking the space time continuum. Like this:

So, if it was an increase of 20%, thennnnn… 10:13:31 is 120% of last week so I should have played a ballpark 8ish hours the previous week, so 8+6 hours equals… oh, wait, that can’t be right. Let me look at it the other way.

If I played “about 6 hours more”, then the previous week should have been about 4:13, and if I add 20% to THAT, then I come up with… well, it just isn’t 10 hours now, is it?

Still, I’d love it if that kind of maths could be applied to my income.

Edit: Just for reference, what did the previous week’s e-mail show my time as being? 04:31:17. So the “about 6 hours” bit was right, but the percent was wrong? Yyyyeeeaaah… except that if we look at the deltas from the previous week’s e-mail, they show +32.5% or “+ about 7 hours”. My time the previous week was 4 and a half hours. And that is 7 hours more than the week before that. So the week before that must have been minus thre… HEY, I FINALLY HAVE THAT TIME MACHINE THAT I’VE ALWAYS WANTED! I’m going to go back to 2002, trade shares relentlessly, get rich, and have a team of German grammarians come to my mansion after dinner every night to re-explain to me the case system in German!


The problem has been fixed. See Is "Time Played" buggy for everyone or just me?.

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