Bug in the leaderboard for Italian, All Time, Time metric

I’m giving screenshots from the web but it appears to be universal.

With most of the measures, the top 10 people for the selected time period are shown, along with your own score (if you aren’t in the top 10), your position, two places above and two places below.

I noticed that for the Time measure (for All-Time only) in Italian only the top 10 were shown (or at least A top 10, since many of those haven’t been on here for years) and assumed that it was a calculation query limitation. (I’ve noticed that leaderboard calculations have been slowing down over the last few months, which isn’t really a major issue but I did assume that there was a connection.)

However, by chance I noticed that in German, the usual metrics were visible for Time, All-Time:

Then I noticed that it was also true in French…

And in Latin:

But not in Italian, where if you aren’t in the top 10, you aren’t shown:

Obviously this isn’t a big thing and it’s more a question of curiosity than anything, but it would be nice to have consistency across all languages.


I see similar results. My name is displayed in the list for “Everyone/All-Time/Time” for Hebrew and French, but not for Russian.