Is "Time Played" buggy for everyone or just me?

In my stats section, when I click on it, for time played, it says

Time Played: -1518:0-44:0-54

To me this is somewhat unreadable, and feels like a bug. It says I’ve been playing negative 1500 hours? or negative 1500 minutes? that doesn’t sound right. I don’t know if this is everyone or just me, but it’s what I see when I click on my stats.


Mine shows a positive number as expected. Perhaps you accidentally traveled through time?


Everything about the time stats seem to be cactus on Clozemaster, and what realllllly niggles at me is that they won’t even acknowledge that it’s a problem. Nothing. Not a word. Complete silence.

In another thread:


How many weekends have passed since I raised the issue in relation to the Italian leaderboard back in January?

How many MORE have passed since AlanF raised the issue in Russian in January of 2022, to which I added examples of negative time showing up in my weekly stats emails back in May?

I’d have been OK with “We’re aware of the problem, but we can’t find an easy solution to it and x, y and z have a higher priority”, but no… Not. One. Word. For over a year and a half in the case of Alanf’s post.


You’re totally right, sorry we dropped the ball here. The time metric is indeed broken for some users at the moment.

It’s been a known issue - thank you for all the reports, and sorry for the poor communication. We’ve seen the reports but continuously bumped the issue in priority, clearly for too long when you lay out the timeline like you have.

We’ll check it out this week - hopefully it’s just an aggregation issue, in which case we’ll get it fixed. If it’s an issue with how the time metric has been tracked, I’m not yet sure how we’ll handle it - for example if a day was recorded with negative time for some reason, or some giant clearly wrong number, we’ll have to decide whether to start the time stat fresh for everyone with the fix in place, or something else, it needs a bit more thought. Worst case I suppose we’ll hide the time metric from the stats and leaderboard for now.

In any case I’ll aim to follow up with an update.

Additionally we’ll work on getting someone to monitor bug reports in the forum. As I mentioned in the other thread we’ve put our focus into issues that come through the contact forum and support@ email, and the forum bug reports have been a bit of an after thought only monitored occasionally, but we need to do better responding to issues reported in the forum as well like you’ve noted.

Thanks for the feedback and push!


Quick update: the “negative time played” issue should now be fixed - @rinkuhero @alanf and anyone else who’s seen negative time played, please let me know of course if you’re still seeing a negative time stat anywhere.

@LuciusVorenusX might you be able to confirm that you’re now showing up in the Italian leaderboard as expected?

These are short term fixes. Unfortunately it looks like some days for some players have “negative time”, meaning there was an issue with how the stat was recorded. We’re still working to reproduce the issue so we can come up with a better way of determining how long is spent on each sentence. For now, it should no longer be possible for time played to be negative. Longer term we’ll have to figure out how best to handle the older bad data.


Nice, thanks! Random suggestion is maybe have some ‘sanity checks’ for when time is added to it, something like ‘time added to current time from a session can’t be longer than 6 hours, or lower than 0 hours’ (though maybe that’s how you are doing it, just mentioning that’s something I might try, I don’t know much about coding websites or apps but I do code computer games for Steam).


I no longer see negative time for Russian. Thanks a lot, @mike and @LuciusVorenusX!