CSV import

New user here just trying to import a CSV file of around 2,000 entries.
90% seem to upload correctly, but there’s about 10% that don’t have an automatic cloze applied - any idea why this might be?

Second question - if I have to create these manually, is there a shortcut to apply the brackets round the cloze?


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Nobody? That’s unfortunate.

3 days and no response? You guys really suck, eh?

I’ve re-subscribed after being a user a couple of years ago, thinking this app might have improved, but I don’t see any improvements and it just seems to be a bit of a cash grab for the developers.

Compared to Anki, which is free for most users, Clozemaster really, really sucks

Sorry for the slow reply! The “3 days” included the weekend. We don’t suck that bad, emailing support@clozemaster.com is just a faster way to get an issue addressed. We’ll have to update the forum to say that. If you send the CSV to support@ we can take a closer look.

What sort of improvements would you like to see aside from fixing the CSV issue you’ve raised here?

if I have to create these manually, is there a shortcut to apply the brackets round the cloze?

Assuming you’re using the website, double click the word or select/highlight the bit of text you’d like to be the cloze beneath the text input.

Anki will indeed likely be a better fit if you’re looking for something super customizable. Clozemaster will be a better fit if you’re looking to start practicing and expanding your vocabulary on day one with minimal complexity/setup.

If you’re really not happy with Clozemaster we’re happy to provide a refund of course, just email support@. We definitely don’t want to be a source of frustration. Anything else we can do to help just let us know.

Yeah, that was definitely a bit mean of me and I apologise for that. I’m finding Clozemaster to be a lot more enjoyable than using Anki, and might stick it out for a while.

Thanks for the response regarding my problem - there was no indication that double-clicking was an option. I did try that on the top sentence and it didn’t work, so ended up just go through the whole upload manually.

If I switch back to a free account, what happens to my own collections? Is it possible to export these?

Thanks for your response.


No problem and glad to hear! Thanks for the followup and sorry for the trouble.

That recording shows what I’d meant. What browser and OS are you using?

They’re still playable, you just can’t add/edit anymore. There isn’t a good way to export at the moment.

Thanks - I meant I had already amended my sentences manually before I realised I should have been clicking on the bottom sentence. Now I know for future. Thanks.