Sentence comments end up in wrong thread

Recently, sentence comments are appearing in existing forum threads that have nothing to do with the sentence the comment is about.

For example: Ich denke immer wieder mal an meine Mutter, welche nicht mehr am Leben ist. - #3 by ColdForest2381

And also this existing, very old, bug report: Wrong forum discussion linked to sentence

I can confirm that. I also noticed that.

indeed, same here +1.

Ob es sie gibt? in the top 500 most common words is another example:

The comments “in game” are actually for Wie viele Menschen kennen Sie gut?

I think I’ve found what’s causing this phenomenon!

It seems every discussion has a numeric identifier, which appears at the end of the URL; this is the key to find the discussion in the database, and anything that goes before it is unused. This discussion has the number 47564, which is shared between “Sentence comments end up in wrong thread” and “Ob es sie gibt?”

I’m guessing that the hashing algorithm used to generate these identifiers, based on the name of the discussion, is weak, i.e., unable to come up with unique identifiers for a large number of entries, or that the key space is too small (only five decimal characters?).


Hi morbrorper,

Indeed, that’s currently the case:

but fwiw, that is not what I saw when I posted 5 months ago.

“Ob es sie gibt?” was one of several examples I (and other users) came across, and back then, this specific sentence was redirecting me to: – (that’s the thread that I was seeing “in game”).

Still, you may well be right about the key space being too small.

I’m not sure how many posts there are on the forums, but a 5-digit unique identifier does seem like a potential problem indeed…

It looks like it has received a new key. Strange! And is it only a coincidence that it now shares its key with this page, where it’s been mentioned?

It has, and it is strange!

I doubt it :slight_smile:

Maybe the small key space is part of the problem, but there seems to be more to it… Some sort of dynamic linking bug or something.

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