My sentence comments are being attributed to "System"

Today, both sentence comments I’ve made so far have been attributed to a user called “System”. I’ve seen this happening on and off before, but this was twice too many. I think it mostly happens just to me, but that’s probably because I’m a frequent poster.

Vivaldi browser on Android 10.


Ciao @morbrorper Hope it gets sorted soon!

Regards… Floria7


There is at least one more person who was accidentally attributed to System in the Japanese sentence discussion today. I had thought it was also @morbrorper but morbrorper denied. Is that @mike-lima this time? It’s like a haunted house and System is like a zombie.
I often ping an OP’s name when I write back my answer to the OP. Hope the real System (admin) will fix the bug.

ETA: mike-lima denied on the Japanese SD. morbrorper assumed that they were wrongly attributed because they are regular contributors. But, probably not because mike-lime and I contributed to Japanese SDs more than others. And neither of us is not haunted by System (yet).


I should add that I have, on a number of occasions, flagged my own mis-attributed posts for moderation, asking for someone to look into the issue, but nothing has ever happened. Does the moderation system even work?

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The bug hasn’t been fixed yet. Two more sentence discussions were attributed to the “System” again on Oct 14, 2022.

I guess the real OP of these two is @ericaw.


I have now had user “System” take over two of my new topics in a row :frowning:.

In my experience, other people are less likely to respond to these topics, which essentially kills the discussion from the beginning. It’s very frustrating.

@Mike, what can you do about this?


Thanks for the bump on this issue. If possible, could you please link the two topics here?

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Looking at all the topics started by System is quite impressive:

Topics started by System


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I just posted a comment on the sentence “Can you drive stick?” at the English > Portuguese Fast Tracking Course and it went right to the section “Language Learning > Text or Multiple Choice”. :flushed: