Difference between Legacy and Fast Track Fluency

Well, I understand your point. However, my single reason for use Clozemaster is the frequency order - which in fact is not a rule that is respected most of the time. So, unfortunately - for me - and for your best interest, your demand is already fullfiled at the Legacy FFT.

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the thing is, for frequency vocabulary learning, we already have anki, there are a large variety of anki decks that teach words in order of frequency. this site’s strength is in having real-world sentences, rather than just vocabulary learning. by focusing so much on order of frequency, it becomes nothing more than another way to learn vocabulary, rather than a way to learn a language. the more it focuses just on word frequency, the more overlap there is with flashcard apps/systems like anki, and the less distinguished and unique it is.

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I agree, is there a way to always have them displayed without clicking the button? They definitely spice up my learning.

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I sometimes forget to click the illustration button after answering, so I would welcome an automatic display, perhaps even before answering.

I wish there was, but I don’t think so. If so, it would have to be optional, I think. @mike ?


Well, frequency is not the opposite of real-world sentences at all. Actually, I think the exact reverse is true.
Instead, if someone is not searching for order of frequency he could go read a newspaper, or flip through Tatoeba or any other resource he likes.

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Maybe it’s just me, because I don’t see a single mention of this, but I can’t find the new Fluency Fast Track in the iOS app. I only see the legacy track, which is still confusingly called “Fluency Fast Track” in my app. It has 19.994 Spanish sentences and it has the exact progress that I had with the legacy track. Since I’m new to Clozemaster I’d like to start with the newer one, but I can only find and use it in the browser for some reason. Is that something that will be fixed in the next iOS release?

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Yes! The new Fast Track will be better supported in the next mobile app update. At the moment, if you start playing one of the new Fast Track collections on web, it should appear in the mobile app, otherwise it doesn’t yet show up.

For me it doesn’t show up, even though I’ve started using it online, but I’m happy to hear that it will be better supported in an upcoming update!

Hello, people! Is the new Fast Track been implemented yet? I have many languages courses and I don’t see any changes to them.

Italian was the first language to implement the new fast tracks. Spanish now also has the new fast tracks. More languages to follow sooner or later (I’ve read French and German are getting closer to completion).

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Hi Mike,

Loving the changes to the fluency fast track and also the new ‘improved’ audio that comes along with it.

Just wondering if there’s any timeline for allowing us to test this content as a ‘listening’ Skill rather than only the vocabulary one?

I primarily use clozemaster for Chinese and the premium HSK content which has the listening and dictation option, but quite robotic voices - So the new curated voicing for fastrack is exciting, but there’s no option to do it as a listening exercise.


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Thanks for letting me know Mark! Should be all set now :+1: Any other feedback or anything else we might improve please let me know. :raised_hands:

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Also dropping a link to this post - New Fast Track Tracker. Updates on the new Fast Track for more languages will be posted there. :rocket:

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I like the concept of the new fast track. A human moderated collection should help remove some of the occasional glitches from Tatoeba It does go for very colloquial expressions on occasion, where something simpler would serve normal usage. eg. Doesn’t cut the mustard (great English phrase, but not one I would ever teach a beginner, but used in Tatoeba as an equivalent for a German phrase - which means the odds of guessing the German version are very low)

My reservation is that a lot of early words in the new fast track aren’t nouns.

The Explain text seems to be really good (I’m guessing the AI has got better over time) - when it’s for a short sentence, it’s giving extra data like the full set of present tense options for sein. Plus it seems to be giving better explanations of how gender and case affecting other words. It just gave me a very good explanation of a modal verb.

I like the images, but would it be possible to automatically show them as a smaller image next to the text? (I have RSI, and extra clicks hurt - hence I won’t be using this option, even though I like it)

I think I’ll definitely be using this track, partly for the improved Explain buttons and partly for (I hope) sentences that aren’t quite so extreme on colloquisims.