C'è molto traffico - c'è?

I wonder if anyone is having problems typing in the oh so simple c’è? I tried every connotation under the sun but eventually had to resort to Help with the the-printed c’è. It’s happened a couple of times and I’ve run out of different ways of typing it. And yes I also used the accent buttons.

Grazie in anticipo🙄

Maybe it is one of those cases where the “curly apostrophe” is used in the cloze? it is easy to type «’» but most keyboards do not have a way to type «’» – and most people do not notice the difference. If you can, report the sentence, so it can be fixed.

Here is the other threaad on a similar problem (I think):


Mille grazie @mike-lima - I tried every <’> I could find. Will try and report it.

A dopo…


@Floria7, which operating system are you using? Are you using the web version or the app? And how are you typing most of your characters?

Ehilà @alanf I mostly use my Samsung tab and Web version with SwiftKey keyboard. Everything works perfectly until I come to c’è. I’ve just become used to using the “block” now and it’s no big problem anche se I just don’t want Cloze to think I can’t spell c’è :sweat_smile:.

Tanti auguri… Floria7


A curly quote from the SwiftKey keyboard on my Samsung Android phone (keyboard layout: QWERTY; language: Italian) is contained in the following word:


I found it by switching to “123”, then using long-press on the single quote, then choosing the quote that slants upwards and to the right. On the keyboard, it looks straight, albeit slanted (unlike the “straight quote”, which is straight and vertical), but when it’s pasted into this Clozemaster discussion, it looks curly.

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Ehilà @alanf Thank you sooo much. This I will try next time the curly c’è pops up.

Feedback really appreciated😊!

Cc: @mike