Audio only mode?

Are there plans to make an audio only mode that has the cloze sentences and then the translation into your native language said after a certain amount of time to essentially use them like hands-free audio flashcards you couod listen to whipe doing ither activities? With your mass sentence adding features and text to speech and everything else, it seems like it could be a great feature.

Hi @milomibrat76,

What you’re describing sounds like “Radio Mode” which is available on the mobile apps:-

I don’t know whether it has made it to the web yet, although 2 years ago @mike mentioned that there is an “experimental” version available by manipulating the URI. For example to get Italian from English, you would use the URI
and for other language pairings you just replace the “ita” and “eng” with the relevant language codes (these are shown in the URI that you get when playing in standard mode).

Here’s the post where @mike mentions the public experimental version:-

So, what you describe sounds like a great idea … but as with a lot of great ideas on Clozemaster, if this is what you’re looking for then @mike has already thought of it and implemented it. However, I’m sure he’ll be really happy that you keep the suggestions coming, as they all go towards making Clozemaster better than ever.