A timer to automatically pause the Radio function

Wouldn’t it be great if Clozemaster Radio had an optional timer that made it pause after some set time?

I use the Radio function mostly when I’m trying to fall asleep, but turning it off always makes me wake up again. I’m sure there are other uses as well for a timer.


A timer has been included in the latest release for iOS, and it’ll be included in the next release for Android within the next few weeks. :raised_hands: @morbrorper I think you use an Android device if I recall correctly, so curious to hear what you think what’s it out.


This feature hasn’t been working properly on Adroid since it was introduced, and the 2.9.1 update of mid-February 2023 does not show any visible improvement. It still only works if you have the device active all time; running in the background practically stops the timer. Even a minute-long timeout can last a whole night.