Wish I could turn off reporting of my activities, or at least filter it

As some of you may already have noticed, I have been trying out some new language pairings of late. This causes a lot of notifications as I almost effortlessly advance through the first levels, which must be tiring to my followers. It has made me wish that my activities were not reported automatically as they happen one by one, that maybe they could be summarized or filtered in some way.

I also think it is unnecessary to report when one starts on a new language pairing, and maybe the reporting should be held off until a certain level has been reached, so that one can experiment a little before going public.

Addition: How about having a profile setting that disables automatic notification of leveling up, and add a button in the level-up popup in the “Tell the World” section?


I agree. This actually puts me off trying new languages.


Not yet :wink:

This could definitely be useful, perhaps they could be summarised per day per language or so? :thinking:

  • sindaco leveled up learning Français from English from level 1 to level 5’
  • sindaco leveled up learning Português from English from level 21 to level 23’
  • sindaco leveled up from level 25 to level 26

This might be an easier implementation indeed, i.e. if you could just enable/disable notifications per language manually, thus leaving it up to each individual user to decide at which levels of which language they want to start sharing their progress :slight_smile:

I reckon this could also be an easy and useful implementation (if level>x, share progress with followers), especially for more established learners, though I think if you are a new user joining, especially if you have joined along with some family/friends (who might also have just started out on Clozemaster) even the lower levels would be exciting to share, hence why some degree of customisability on whether or not to share one’s progress on a language from the start might be nice.

I also felt bad when I had just clicked on an unknown language, curious to discover which one it was, and unaware that that would automatically sign me up to learning it, and I got :raised_hands:s for “@sindaco started to learn LanguageX” :flushed:


That somewhat puts me off too, but it’s even worse when there’s a situation like this. I noticed a new post this morning for something called “Interlingue”. “Inter-what?”, I thought. I think someone forgot to fill out the details on the opening post which, as at the time of writing was, and I quote exactly:

I probably should have gone to Wikipedia at that point, but instead I clicked on the language flag, expecting to see an overview but instead… “LuciusVorenusX has started learning Interlingue!”

Wait, what? No I haven’t!!!

I’ve never had cause to delete a language before, but apparently the method for doing so involves hitting the red garbage bin icon at the bottom right of the language’s dashboard. Thankfully that also removed it from my profile’s “Recent Activity” list.


I still find the deluge of minor level-up notifications disturbing, when people I follow embark on a new language.

I do my best to acknowledge everyone’s progress, but I will not go through various pages of notifications of minor achievements on a low level, even if I miss somebody leveling up from a higher level, which is really noteworthy. Sorry if I missed yours!

I have also decided not to follow any more people. I hope you understand.

So, please, make notifications

  • coalesced (only show the last one for each course and user)
  • prioritized by level
  • optional for the sender

Update: For clarity, I should point out that I’m referring to the Activity Feed, not the Notifications page.


Thank you so much for reviving this thread @morbrorper.

A very kind lady recently started following me, and she takes the trouble to acknowledge my progress as I work my way through several languages. Now with some of those languages, I’m at a very low level in Clozemaster (these are languages that I know already to some degree, but I’ve started from the beginning on the Fluency Fast Track), and so there are a lot of “levelling up” notifications that I’m getting, and that my followers (both of them!!) will be getting.

This makes me feel guilty about studying the languages, as I’m embarrassed to have these notifications go out.

How can it be a useful feature to have people feel bad about studying?

People in this thread have made some interesting suggestions (in my opinion). I’d like to know if some of these suggestions could be considered for implementation -

  • for each language pairing, notifications being optional (i.e. togglable) for the sender
    • note that would need to be implemented in such a way that the "LuciusVorenusX has started learning Interlingue!” message doesn’t go out until @LuciusVorenusX has decided that they would like to let people know they have started learning interlingue.
  • option for notifications to only be enabled after a certain point
    • alternatively the same effect could be achieved by issuing a periodic notification to the sender of “hey you’ve reached level X. Congratulations! Do you want to let your followers know about your fantastic progress in language Z?”
  • option to have daily updates, and that update being to the total for the day e.g. sindaco levelled up learning Português from English from level 21 to level 23
  • option to have some granularity in when notifications go out, e.g. only every 10th level (OK, I’m not sure if that’s what @morbrorper meant with prioritised by level, but it’s something I’d prefer to have).

@mike would it be possible for you, or someone else from Clozemaster, to please be kind enough to acknowledge that you’ve taken note of the concerns/suggestions in this thread?


I meant that on the Activity Feed page, the higher level achievements should take precedence over lower ones.


Ah, OK, understood. That makes a great deal of sense.

I’d still like to have the option to have granular control of notifications :grin:

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Sorry to revive this old topic, but there is also an upside to this feature: It actually makes me think twice before taking up yet another course which I don’t have the time for. :wink:


You should now be able to delete Activity items via your Profile. :+1:


Thanks! Although not exactly what I had asked for, I think it can work if one knows about it and is disciplined enough to use it immediately after one’s own stealthy activities. This being a somewhat hidden feature, I’m afraid it won’t stop most of us from being flooded with other people’s activities, though.


Yep! I should have included that it’s just a first step. We’re aiming to get more controls added at some point.