2 Suggestions (and one more)

2 suggestions:

  • Being able to hide courses from your profile (not deleting just hiding)

  • Making leaderboards points match your profile score.
    Profile scores and leaderboard points do not exactly match eachother, It will be nice to have score ranking instead of “points”, so we have the same number everywhere. For example reaching 4M points in a course won’t make your level grow to 200, but you will need to have the course score with 4M, so it will be nice just to have one way of counting points/score, the best way is setting points to match your profile score.

(Edit & curiosity: I have been checking profiles and leaderboards and it’s quite interesting, some people(most of the people I have seen, including me) will lose points(in the leaderboards!) with that change, but then some people will win points, like QUEDATE_EN_CASA that will have 4M points more, just interesting haha)

Edit 2:
Suggestion 3, I have checked tatoeba and there are nearly 8000 phrases from Catalan to Spanish and English. So it will be nice if Catalan courses could get an update and add more phrases😃.

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I’m going to use this thread to link in to the previous discussion that was started by @morbrorper about hiding notifications.

In that thread, there were people (myself included) who mentioned that they don’t like to try out new languages because they don’t want the world to get spammed with messages about that fact. In any case sometimes starting a new language pairing is actually accidental (such as testing out the experimental web radio mode and accidentally starting the language pairing of Icelandic from English).

@mike gave us a first fix, which is the little rubbish bin (or trash can for our friends who specialise in North American English) next to each notification, so that you can delete the notification before anyone sees it -

His final statement in that thread was - “Yep! I should have included that it’s just a first step. We’re aiming to get more controls added at some point.”

It’s therefore certainly possible that hiding a language pairing, or at least hiding notifications, might be something that could be developed.

From my perspective, I would be equally happy whether I was able to

  • hide a language pairing from my Profile and have no notifications go out from it (i.e. the suggestion here, but explicitly making clear that this means no notifications going out), or
  • have the language pairing displayed but be able to switch off all notifications from that pairing.

As for the other point here about points and leader boards, I haven’t noticed any big differences between the two totals in my case, but I don’t pay much attention to global leader boards. Either way, I would certainly agree that having some consistency makes sense.