"Vuoi che me ne vada con te?"

If ever rhythm and language went hand in hand, for me it was here. Just couldn’t say it let alone remember it - until I leant slightly on the che instead of the vuoi, and bingo! It may not be perfect pronunciation but it works for me.

Have a good Sunday!


I have a question about this phrase, shouldn’t this phrase use “vada” instead of vado ? :thinking:


I may have mistyped - will check after I get back from KwikFit!

Yes it is Vada, thank you! Corrected pronto before going to KwikFit :wink:

Edit: I’ve since been advised that a more correct way of saying this would be “Vuoi che *venga con te?” Just out of interest, a very helpful explanation appears in our Italianduo Club forum.


‘Vada’ is congiuntivo, the subjunctive mood.

It’s triggered by ‘Vuoi che’. The subjunctive mood is often triggered by verbs with ‘che’, and also, because you are unsure, or asking for an opinion.

I think. Better ask a madrelingua too. There might be a better way to say this.

From our Club madrelingua:
Se mi rivolgo a chi se ne sta andando e gli chiedo di unirmi a lui, devo usare il verbo “venire”. Es: " Vuoi che venga (via) con te?"
Se la frase era pensata per insegnare il verbo pronominale ‘andarsene’, avrebbero dovuto scrivere, per es., “Vuoi che me ne vada con lei/lui/xy?”. In questo caso la persona a cui sto facendo la domanda è una persona che resta dov’è.