Si dovrebbero fare i propri compiti da soli.... Agh!

“One should do one’s own compiti ecc ecc”. Forgive me for talking about this one yet again (da 2021). It gets me every dang time because dovrebbero will never sit right with me until it is changed to “I propri compiti dovrebbero fare da soli”. T/lating the si as “one” is third pers in my humble book. I know you’ll tell me dovrebbero is correct, and even tho I usually “think Italian”, just needed to vent a bit about the only phrase on Cloze that gets to me! Grr! (The offline downloading makes up for this in spades though, and being able to do Cloze anywhere any time is a joy!)

Cheers to all for 2023!


I understand the feeling although I do not undertand your beef with this particular sentence.

Anyway, if it is a single sentence that does that to you, feel lucky, no, feel enlightened! :hugs:

I could name a few dozen clozes, which get me again … and again … and again … not because I do not know it, but just because they feel counterintuitive.


As always I do add humour to my gripe. Ah but wait, MRgK, our fabulous Italian Club madrelingua has explained in detail the use of the “si passivante” and concludes that in this case “Si dovrebbe fare…” is correct. Mamma mia, non potevo crederci;-) My achilles heel is now healed and need not be mentioned ever again;-) … L

Ps. Some of the counterintuitive ones I tend to “amend” quietly, and we’re lucky to have our ever-patient Mike-L here for guidance.