Reviewing new (seen for the first time) incorrect sentences not happening after update

Prior to the recent update if you set new reviews to 0 while viewing only new sentences it would allow review periodically or when you exit out of infinite mode until you get them correct.

Now it counts the ones that were incorrect towards the ones you seen and there doesn’t seem to be the same review mechanism of the ones you get wrong as you go.

Is there a setting to only consider it seen once you got it correct once? That was very useful.

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So if you go long enough into it they will start showing up interleaved with the new sentences it looks like.

The problem is when you bail out with end round during infinite mode. All of the currently incorrect ones will no longer get reviewed like what happened prior to the update and get marked as “seen”.

So in infinite mode there’s no longer a way to drain out the incorrect ones before finishing and if you keep going you’ll keep getting potentially more new incorrect sentences to try to resolve before ending the session.

Simple repro:

  1. Check number on set you are going to learn new sentences
  2. Enter into the set with infinite vocabulary
  3. Select incorrect answer and end round
    (Previously here you’d have to keep answering until you got the sentences that were incorrect right)
  4. It now exits out and the set now shows sentences done as increased by +1
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Further testing, this works correctly in rounds with a set number as you don’t exit with the end round button but rather once you hit the number of corrects.

This appears to be only a problem with the infinite length end round button.

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Responded here Change to ending "Infinite" sessions - #4 by mike - Questions, Suggestions, Feedback - Clozemaster - thanks again for letting us know!

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