Request for clarification on the Notes field

Sorry to bug you again @mike, but I’d like to ask for some clarification related to the suggestions that you made in this thread. Specifically, this part:

Question 1: System vs Personal Notes

A subject came up last month about sentence edits, which would include the Notes field. It wasn’t officially confirmed but the general consensus was that any sentence edits are specific ONLY to the person that made them.

In the first thread above, AlanF raised the following issue with regard to your question quoted above:

So the questions to my mind are these:

  • Would the inclusion of system-wide notes over-write custom user notes as AlanF is concerned about? Or alternatively:
  • Would any personal notes simply be appended to the system-generated notes for each user’s account if that option were to be adopted? Or alternatively again:
  • Do personal notes take priority over system notes?

Question 2: Notes In Shared Collections
Eventually I plan to release at least some of my “by topic” collections as shared collections. Originally I was just using the built-in sentences, but my intention is to make the collections into “language that you might need to use” ones, whether it be in a medical clinic, a railway station, a restaurant (we all know that we travel to Italia for the food), etc. I was finding that by limiting myself to built in sentences I was grossly over-representing some words (like raffreddore in the medical collection), while not having any for other words that might be needed. (Such as conjunctivitis/ congiuntivite.) I’m therefore adding my own sentences to my collections. In the Menu (Language of the Restaurant) collection, for example, I’m using examples drawn from the menus of restaurants I’ve been to or want to go to. I’m using the Notes to expand on the food mentioned in the sentence to help with remembering it. (Example below, with the Note highlighted.)

However… I don’t know whether those notes will be only visible to me, or also to others when I share the collection. (If they aren’t, obviously it diminishes their usefulness. They would still be useful to me, but I’d rather that they be useful to anyone who uses the shared collection.) Could you please clarify? Thanks.


Thanks for the questions! We need to do a better job staying on top of our FAQ and adding explainers. In the meantime:

No. User notes are shown in place of system-wide notes when present.

Yes - a note added/edited by a user will take precedence over the collection owner’s note (system note - to better answer your second question, thinking in terms of who “owns” a collection might be useful). For the Fast Track, for example, Clozemaster is the collection owner.

Notes that you add/edit for a public Shared Collection, as the collection owner, will be visible to everyone. But! Users playing that collection can add/edit notes that only be visible to them and take precedence over your notes (just for them) as mentioned above.

For those interested in databases we essentially take all of the collection sentence notes, and then left join any notes the user playing that collection might have added to determine what notes to show.

Please let me know of course if any of the above is unclear, or you have any further questions. Thanks again!


I take it this applies to the Hint field as well. This might explain why it’s seemingly impossible to delete a predefined hint from a public collection; one can only overwrite it. I often would like to delete the hints of the verb exercises, because they give too much away; now the workaround is to enter a single-space hint instead.


Clear as crystal, thank you. I’m not fussed if people decide to replace my notes with their own in my shared collections; as long as the original notes are there for people to use or ignore at their pleasure, and they are, that’s great!


Wa am I the only one fascinated by how specific your clozecards are ahah

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Oh my <3 These would be my dream collections (yes, even that nasty “venire” one)! Please release at least some of these, even just one! Please, please, pretty please? :relaxed:

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