Not my notes showing up while playing new sentences

It is probably a bug. I was playing a completely new sentence, when after typing in a cloze word, I saw someone’s notes. If it is not a bug, then I think instead of showing me what is wrong with that sentence in that note, a better solution would be to correct that sentence. ( When I catch it next time, I will try to report it). Did anyone else have the same experience? ( I am mid-way in 10,000 most common words collection in Italian).


Interesting, I had it once before, also possibly in a Most Common Words Collection, where there was an “alternative answer” that had been provided by someone else. I haven’t encountered it since though, but then it’s been a while since I’ve played any significant number of new clozes from any MCW Collections.

I wanted to do a quick search, to see if I could identify any such sentences, and I realise, especially due to the nature of them being personal fields (e.g. hints, alternative answers, notes), this might be hard to implement, but it seems you currently can’t query these fields in any way; only sentence, cloze, and translation.


I do see them from time to time, but the ones that I have seen have tended to be interesting comments on vocabulary or phrases that I have found useful.

As for who put them there …

If a note is present where you didn’t enter the note, then that should mean that the note was put there by the collection owner (for the 10,000 most common words collection, the owner will be Clozemaster).

(Unless there’s a bug of course !)

This was discussed many months ago, with @mike giving a clarification on how this works -

The main point here is that you can’t delete a pre-existing note that is provided by the collection owner, you can only overwrite it. i.e. to remove a pre-written note, you would need to edit the sentence and put something in the notes field.

As @morbrorper pointed out (in the subsequent comment after @mike’s one in the discussion from which I’ve quoted), a simple entry of a single space in the notes field should be enough to overwrite the original note.

The same thing applies to hints, translations and pronunciations, i.e. all editable fields. You can’t delete entries put there by the collection owner, but you can overwrite them.


This! In some cases moderators will add a note to help clarify things in response to a reported sentence.