Copy to Collection doesn't copy user hints, notes etc. from Clozemaster Collections

The new Copy to Collection feature (thanks @mike) that allows copying from the Manage Collection popup, doesn’t copy over hints, notes etc. IF the collection is owned by someone else.

As a specific example, when I copy over sentences from the Fluency Fast Track to my private collection, the Copy to Collection feature does not copy over any hints, notes etc. that have been made by the user (me!) against those sentences.

If I own the collection, then the hints, notes etc. are copied, so this only applies to collections owned by someone else (OK, I’m extrapolating here, I only know it doesn’t work for the Fluency Fast Track).

I note that there is a brief discussion about how Clozemaster combines hints, notes etc. using a left join on entries from two tables in the database, so I’m hoping that this is an easy fix using the same technique -


Just to be clear I understand what you’re saying, if you as a user have added hints and notes to a collection owned by someone else (e.g. Clozemaster being the owner of the FFT Collection), these aren’t copied across when you copy them to a custom collection of your own using the “Manage Collection” pop-up?


That’s correct.

As an example, I’ll use the Italian Fluency Fast Track.

One of the sentences in there is “Perché siete tutte qua?”.
This sentence already has a note which was put there by the collection owner, with the note saying “qui and qua are both correct”.
If I copy this sentence over to a new collection that I have created, then that note is copied over with the sentence into my collection.

If I chose another sentence for which I have added notes or hints, then my additional notes and hints won’t be copied over.

Hypothetically, if I were to choose a sentence where I had overridden the default hints or notes (unfortunately I don’t have any sentences that I can test this with), then I suspect (based on the previous explanation from @mike) that the original hints, notes etc. that were put there by the collection owner would be copied over instead of my hints, notes etc…

I would further conjecture that this applies to other editable fields (alternative answers, editing the translation, pronunciation).


Thanks for letting us know! This should now be fixed. Please let us know of course you’re still seeing the issue or notice any others. :beers: