"Quali sono le tue mansioni?"

The English translation is given as “Which is your mansion?” Hmm, confusing until I realised it should more than likely be “What are your duties/tasks”.

Mansione - a very false friend;-)

A dopo…

@mike-lima Title corrected;-)


Also “mansione” is feminine, so “Quali sono le tue mansioni”.

Interestingly, the English meaning is closer to the original Latin of “dwelling”, although it now refers to a specific type of dwelling.

We have “magione” that means “house” in a kind of pompous way…

I would probably translate “mansion” as “villa” I think…


Hi @mike-lima To be fair to Cloze, it was “… le tue mansioni”. I’ve corrected my title.



Interesting, I have never heard ‘mansioni’ being used for the word ‘tasks’. I am familiar with the term “compiti” which I assume is more common / less formal.

It’s a false friend. I am familiar with the term ‘palazzo’ and more recently ‘dimora’ being used for ‘mansion’. I have a feeling ‘palazzo’ is also used for ‘building’ more often, however.

Thanks for the post :smiley:

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