Please let us collapse the new Fast Fluency Tracker

It would be great, if we could collapse the Fast Fluency Track.

When I want to do my X most common words collections, every single day I have to scroll down the page to my collections all the way past the FFT.

(I’m not really interested in the Fast Fluency Track, at least not currently, as I want repetitions and the FFT has too few of them for my preference.)

And please also let us hide the banner informing us about the release of the new FFT and where we can find the Legacy FFT, as requested here.


I’m just re-raising this request, as I currently spend a lot of time scrolling down the main page to get to my collections or Legacy FFT.

And look @mike, this request was modified by @davidculley to be 2 requests for the price of 1 !!! -

  1. Let us collapse the new Fluency Fast Track
  2. Let us hide the banner informing us of the new Fluency Fast Track and where to find the Legacy FFT

Seriously though, it would be nice to know if there are any plans to implement these (relatively minor) changes.


Agreed; though curiously French doesn’t seem to have the new FFT so it doesn’t (yet) have anything to collapse. Italian, German and Spanish do.

At least that’s gone from Spanish (if it was ever there, I haven’t looked at Spanish for ages) and German… but it’s still there in Italian.

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Well that’s interesting that the banner has disappeared for you in those languages, as it’s still there for me in all of them. I just tried playing 5 sentences of the new FFT in Spanish to see if that got rid of it for me, but that was unsuccessful.

I wonder what you’ve done in Spanish and German to trigger it’s disappearance?

If he’s not going to allow us to remove with an X in the corner or something similar, then I wonder if @mike could reveal to us what the “secret sauce” is that would otherwise trigger its disappearance.


Oh, and I notice that according to the tracker French is now at 100% complete, so its addition to the stable of languages with the uncollapsable list is probably imminent.

Having said that, of the most popular languages in terms of number of learners, in my opinion French is the one with the worst (soon-to-be) “legacy” FFT.

The majority of sentence in that course are from one particular Tatoeba contributor.
That person took such freedom in loose translation of sentences that they often bare little relation to the words in the other language (i.e. typically they are translations from English). Frequently the loose translation doesn’t even have the same meaning as the original sentence. Typically when a comment is posted on Tatoeba regarding a sentence, that user becomes very argumentative (as can be seen from multiple polite comments and requests for clarification by our very own @morbrorper).

Because of the general poor quality of that course, I’ve added hints to the vast majority of sentences, as otherwise I would have no idea what the sentence was supposed to say.

Therefore, for me, French is one language where I might take advantage of the new FFT (and hence where the uncollapsed list might be less bothersome).


That is indeed curious. I’m wondering if it may be the other way around, though… maybe it doesn’t appear for me because I haven’t played them (kinda sorta mostly). I’ve previously gone over why I’m not a fan of FFT as a methodology, so I’ve avoided it in other languages. Spanish, I had not touched for months and when I dabbled with it I I did so in the “100 most common” collection rather than FFT. So I did 5 in FFT yesterday just to see whether the banner would pop up. It didn’t, but maybe I’m under some mystical threshold:

In French, I’ve never touched FFT, I’m playing custom collections, but as I said I’m not seeing the new FFT yet anyway:

In German I’ve not touched FFT again focusing on custom collections, and there is no banner:

Now Italian, on the other hand… I was going to say that to the best of my recollection I had not touched the new FFT but now I realise that’s not correct. I was showing some questions played in the new FFT but for a moment I assumed that these were just carry overs from the old one but from the numbers played I realised that they aren’t. These would have been where I was checking out some new features like Chat GPT and the AI images.

So… my best guess based on that is that the banner only pops up if you’ve played a certain (but unknown to us) significant number of FFT questions.

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Great bit of research, and your theory seems to hold true.

Some time ago I added Japanese from English to my language pairings, but I had never played any sentences from any collection.

I had no banner.

I’ve then played 10 sentences from the Legacy Fluency Fast Track, and …

I then had the banner.

I’ve now reset progress on the Legacy Fluency Fast Track, and …

I now have no banner again.

So … anyone can get rid of the banner by resetting progress on the Legacy Fluency Fast Track. Yup, that might involve resetting progress on 10,000+ sentences that you’ve practiced over many years, but hey, it’s a solution! :flushed: :upside_down_face:

Personally, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that @mike will offer us something that is a little less drastic.

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