Ordine Imperativo?


I believe this sentence contains a grammatical error. “Order please” sounds like an imperative verb to me - this verb should be “Ordina” (informal imperative) or “Ordini” (formal imperative). “Ordinare” does not conjugate to “ordine”. “Ordine”, is, in fact, a noun. Maybe i’m wrong. I wanted to check.

Dico bene o no?

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Hi. I would have written “Ordina, per favore” and yes “ordine” is a noun.

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Is it not “ordine/ordini” (m) ?

Just my one and a half cent, to borrow your expression :wink:

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Ah yes, “Orders, please” pl m “Ordini, per favore”. So would the Imperative “Ordina, per favore” be used at all? Good thinking MRgK. Cosa ne pensi @Vito89?

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That Italian sentence has originated on Tatoeba as the (too) literal translation of “Order, please”.

When an English says that, an Italian would probably simply say “Silenzio, prego.”


Like the Speaker of the House in Parliament “Order order!” Thanks, I hadn’t thought of it that way.