On the app, English from Italian

Ciao. All of a sudden I have a voice even though I have turned off all the speaking and sound options. I know, it’s easy to just turn tablet volume right down but having turned everything off on the cog, I’d prefer it all to stay off. Cheers anyway!

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Which app, Apple, or Android?

I can’t reproduce it in Android.

I just tried out that language on the Android app and when I had “Text-to-speech auto-play” turned off in the options I wasn’t getting a voice after answering. When I turned it on, I got the voice again. When I turned it off again, there was no voice. (Which was fortunate as some of the Italian to English voices sound like a mouse who had dosed up on a mixture of nitrous oxide and helium.)


Hi. Thanks for trying. I’m on android Samsung tablet. Checked everything against Italian from English, turned it on off on off also on web, but proper English voice still there. I’ve reduced her helium intake to nil so she doesn’t get too carried away, now just turn her volume down. All her buttons show “Off” by the way tho I haven’t checked her nit.ox intake!

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