No NEW sentence when the number of sentences per round set "5"

As the title says.
If you set “10” (the default setting) for the number of sentences per round, you will be given five new sentences plus five more for reviews. These are randomly mixed.
But if the setting is “5” per round, no new sentence is given. All five sentences are for review.

Here are screenshots from the browser version (Win 10 x Chrome). But it’s the same when I play on the latest version of iOS (15.7).

I think I’ve seen the same bug in the past, so it is not probably related to version updates.

Image 1: Setting page

Image 2: Post-play page


I suspect that it’s a bug with the “Max reviews per round when playing new sentences” setting. If you take a look at yours I’d bet that it’s set to somewhere between 5 and less than 10. It’s supposed to be a maximum, but it looks like it only works that way if the number of sentences that you play is greater than that setting. (Not greater than or equal to, but ONLY greater than.)

I normally have it set to zero since I want new to mean new, but in this case I changed it to a maximum of 5, then played 5 new questions. How many reviews did I get? All 5, just as you have:

I then changed the Max value to 20, then played 20 new questions. How many reviews did I get? 20. Every one was a review again.

But THEN I changed it to 2, and played 5 questions. How many reviews did I get? Only 2:

You might want to try setting your maximum to 2 and try your 5 questions again and see whether you get the same result, and I suspect that you will. At least @Mike will then know where the guilty culprit lives for sure.


You have an incredible investigation skill! As you guessed, my “Max reviews per round” is 5. I tried to change the setting to test your theory. Instead, I found one more bug. The “max reviews” setting is not editable on my iOS app. The on-screen keyboard doesn’t accept tapping the “delete” key or any other num keys. I killed the app process and rebooted it, but nothing changed…

I’ll retry on my laptop browser tomorrow.

I think the setting should be in percentage rather than in actual number. For example, 40% means you’ll get 4 reviews and 6 new sentences per round (in case 10 sentences per round), or 2 reviews and 3 new sentences per round (for 5 sentences per round). It’s so inconvenient to update the universal setting every time you change the number of sentences per round.


Instead, I found one more bug. The “max reviews” setting is not editable on my iOS app.

See this thread, I realized how to workaround this bug while it isn’t fixed.


The “Max reviews per round” is set to 5 by default. I suppose that setting is “greedy” as we call it in computer science. Meaning, it takes as much as it can until it is no longer allowed to take more. It’s like a rude person cutting the line at the bakery, buying all the bread, and when it’s finally your turn, there’s no more bread left.

So if you play only 5 sentences, and there need to be 5 reviews (because the “max” setting greedily takes its value before the new sentences are allowed to take their share), then there is no more room left to play any new sentences. All 5 of 5 sentences are already occupied (with reviews).

I wouldn’t necessarily call it a bug for this reason. It could very well be a design decision.

I guess what you thought it to be @MsFixer is: If the setting says “at most” 5 reviews and you play 5 sentences, then you’d expect you randomly get 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 reviews, and the remainder would be new sentences?

You could argue that the setting is named confusingly. You should imagine it as “Max Exactly reviews per round”. Obviously, if the setting is, for example, 50 but you play only 10 sentences, then there will be only 10 reviews, not 50. This is why it’s called “max” (and not “exactly”), I assume.