New voices - Italian from English

I’m sentimental and was thinking today that I’ve been listening to Giorgio and Carla every day since 2016. Suddenly ootb I heard two new voices, both very clear and very pleasant. Anyone know who they are?

Giorgio and Carla are still the best though, kinda comfortable after all these years.

Ciao ciao!


Mike said in another discussion recently that the team was replacing audio. The new Transcribe mode needs clearer voices, so I think the replacement in general is a good thing. All you need to do now is to write a lovely farewell message card to the retired robots.

Do you use mobile apps? My iPhone app has the Radio mode. You can check the names of the TTS voices under the Radio setting.

There are currently fourteen English-speaking robot members. I’m a secret fan of Indian English speaker, Rishi.

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Grazie @MsFixer No I don’t use the app but will check it out. I don’t listen to English voices but for Italian I hope Giorgio and Carla are staying. I need my daily dose of the lovely Giorgio!

Please note that the mobile Radio mode uses different voices from the default lesson collections on your laptop/web browser version.

In my case, Indonesian Damayanti (female) is the only choice on the Radio mode. But she isn’t available for the most 100, 3,000 or 50,000 collections. There are three different voices: a middle-age guy, an elegant lady, and a young guy. The first two are also available on Duolingo. So, they are from a third party’s TTS.

If I add completely new sentences to my personal collection on my laptop version, the TTS always hires Damayanti, not the default three people. I always wonder where Damayanti comes from.

Maybe your Giorgio is still available for your personal collections.

Hi again. Happily Giorgio is still with us on both I/E and E/I tho i tend to avoid some collections as I can’t cope with Backfeed Betty! I even prefer the “real voices” on Listening :slight_smile: I’m more than happy with our two new voices, as long as G and C don’t disappear.

Have a good day!