Mark as Known feature

We’ve put up a new experimental feature on the web, only available after answering at the moment, that allows you to mark as sentence as “known” :brain: which simply set its to 100% Mastered and the next review date to the year 2100 (the latter is an implementation detail we may hide in the future).

The motivation for this feature is to try to improve the issue of reviews piling up to some astronomical number that can demotivating and prevent getting to new sentences :grimacing:

Another solution we’ve considered adding is a way to redistribute reviews, so when they pile up you can click a button and they’ll be redistributed over the next, for example, 90 days. Curious to hear if you think that might be useful, or anything else comes to mind. There are already good discussions on improving the Easy/Normal/Hard buttons in Feature Request - Customisable EASY/MEDIUM/HARD options for 100% mastered and Finishing?.

Depending on feedback we’ll expand support for this “Mark as Known” feature to the round results, managing a collection, and the mobile app. Thanks for any thoughts or input! :raised_hands:


That sounds like a great idea!


Sorry @mike, I have a BUG report.

Unfortunately, when playing reviews of 100% mastered items, the option doesn’t work.

If you use the option to set a word to “Known”, then afterwards you need to use the EASY/NORMAL/HARD options or “Enter” (which defaults to NORMAL) in order to proceed to the next item. At this point this EASY/NORMAL/HARD option then overrides the next review date as this has to take place after the “Known” button has been pressed.

I would suggest that the simplest option would be to make the “Known” button (or future shortcut key) act like the “Reset” button (and key combination) in that it then moves on to the next page automatically.


@zzcguns thanks for the bug report! We’ll get a fix up as soon as possible. :+1:


Could I just ask a couple of questions about the logistics of this experimental feature -

  1. Will it be subject to the “Manual Master/Reset Confirmation” option in settings, or will there be a different option ?
  2. Will there be a keyboard shortcut (alt-K is available :slightly_smiling_face:) ?

I’m a little concerned for myself about accidentally using this keyboard shortcut given that I have “Manual Master/Reset Confirmation” set to “Off”, but I’m sure that those people who want to use the feature would like to have a shortcut key.


For the suggestion of redistributing reviews, I personally would only be interested in redistributing any 100% Mastered reviews.

If I have reviews that are not yet 100% Mastered then they are an essential part of my learning schedule, and I would want them to stay exactly where they are in my review queue (and stay in the same schedule of upcoming reviews, i.e. if a 50% item were due for review in 2 days then I would still want it to appear in my review queue in 2 days).


@mike I’m a bit slow, having just noticed the “Known” box between Star and Tick. Works a treat, and on the app. Thanks as always for all these additions :slight_smile: Appreciated.

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it would also be great if the order for all review words for any particular day could be randomized! that would include reviews that were not necessarily supposed to be scheduled on the same day, but have accumulate.

(I often add a bunch of sentences to review that contain the same word at the same time. it would be nice for them to be spread out a bit.)


Also, highly support adding this to mobile + mass collection management. I mostly use the mobile app, but recently I’ve been using the webapp on mobile because I discovered this feature.