Feature Request - Customisable EASY/MEDIUM/HARD options for 100% mastered

I’d just like to comment that the EASY, NORMAL,HARD option was a great feature enhancement, and now after some time of it being in operation, I would like to ask for it to be further enhanced.

Feature request:-

  1. An option for 100% mastered intervals EASY, NORMAL, HARD to be user customisable
  2. It should be possible to set the EASY interval to be so far in the future as to never be seen again (for those who wish to do so)
  3. It should be possible to set the default response (hitting the Enter key) to be either EASY, NORMAL or HARD, rather than just having NORMAL as the default
  4. An option to set EASY, NORMAL, HARD explicit day intervals, rather than multipliers of the 100% mastered interval

This is a follow up to the discussion from the introduction of the EASY/MEDIUM/HARD options, and the discussions that happened at the time, particularly the contributions of @blogscot, @kadrian and @LuciusVorenusX, which resulted in good feedback and input into the current implementation, together with this comment from you @mike -

I’m particularly highlighting the bit where you said - “Good idea! We may be able to add this in the future. Will also have to give some more consideration to points like you mentioned.” :grin:

… and you were right that at the time this was as cloze (I see what you did there :wink:) as you could get to a win-win-win.

The first 2 items in the feature request are following up on the original discussion.

Items 3 and 4 are options that I personally would very much like to see. For an justification of why I would be interested in this, I’ve outlined my thinking in a post in a separate topic -

Also … would you be willing to share information as to what percentage of PRO users have chosen to use the feature, and who has chosen which option (dynamically increasing vs 0.5/1/2x of 100% mastered). I see us discussing this on the Forum from time to time, but I’d be genuinely interested to know if this is a widely used feature.

Comments from others would be most welcome !!


Wow!! I mean WOW !!!

A new button that I’ve never seen before has appeared when I’m playing.

If I hover over it says “Mark this sentence as known - 100% Mastered and next review in the year 2100”.

Well, that’s one interesting addition. Could this feature really have all been thought up and implemented in the last 30 minutes :thinking:. Errrrrm, probably not :joy:.

Fantastic work @mike, that’s excellent. I expect that should satisfy a good number of people.


Good timing! :slight_smile: We just put up this feature this morning, partially in response to the discussion in Finishing? - #7 by sindaco as well as the earlier discussion you mentioned above.

I’ll create a separate thread as well, but the gist is we’re trying it out on the web and have made it available just after answering at the moment. Curious to hear if you find it useful!

Indeed! :slight_smile: Just under 6% of current Pro users are using one of the two Easy/Normal/Hard options, so it’s not an especially popular feature just yet, though that could of course be due to it needing some improvements and it not yet being available in the mobile app.

Thanks for the posts and feature requests! I’ll post back with any updates. Also curious to hear if the “Mark as Known” feature changes anything in terms of the feature requests or priority.


I certainly use it! I love easy/medium/hard options for the mastered words.


As always, mille grazie @mike!

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I was very happy to see the Easy/Normal/Hard option appear, sinxe it addressed an important need, and I’ve used it ever since. I’m surprised that so few Pro users use it, and would like to know why: is it because they’re using the app, where it’s unavailavle, or some other reason? Note that the scoring system offers a disincentive to opting away from the default because already-mastered sentences are a reliable source of points when they reappear frequently in one’s review queue.

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Awesome feature! @mike do you know when you’d be able to pull it into the mobile version? No rush just curious. I’ve been using the site version on mobile for time being