"Lui è antidemocratiche"

I couldn’t think why “one more letter needed” popped up, surely not, why, ma dai, perché… then realised a full-stop was needed! A simple full-stop! (I expect most of you know this, but useful for we newer learners :wink:

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I haven’t had to put any periods (full stops) in my learning yet. That would drive me nuts lol

It nearly did me, lol. Discovered it by sheer flook, not the end of the world tho, anything to be democratic :wink:

Was this in a custom collection? I just did a search for the word antidemocratiche*, as well as a wildcard search for *democratic*, and that sentence didn’t come up.

Assuming it’s a custom question in a custom collection, I’d suggest contacting the creator to fix it. Full stops are, by definition, not part of a word so this would have to be a mistake. If it was a built in sentence I’d suggest flagging it, but this clearly isn’t. (Either that or it knows how to hide from the wildcard search.)

Hi. It was in my Reviews, possibly from FFT. I’ll screenshot it next time. To search, one would probably need to type antidemocratiche. with the fullstop. A dopo…

The asterisk in the search is a wildcard. It means “match any characters that may be found at this point”. That’s why *democratic*returned “democraticA”, “democraticO”, and “democraticI” in the screenshot. The period isn’t a special case; the wildcard would reveal that too.

That said, a search for antidemocratiche.doesn’t yield anything either, which means that either the search function is broken, or the word isn’t in the standard collections. (Or, another possibility… it’s in English from Italian rather than Italian from English. I had forgotten that you’re doing that one as well. I can’t search that one because I’m not doing that.)

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Che misteriosa. I will check to see what I can find. Inevitabilmente it will come again as twice I battled but the third time, ha, I was ready with the grande punto :slight_smile: Whoever comes across it next, per favore take a screenshot.


The sentence strikes me as odd. I would have expected “Lui è antidemocratico” or “Loro (le donne) sono antidemocratiche”.


Sì, sono d’accordo. I even wrote it down, to remind myself to post about it. If I have had a lockdown moment and misread it (tho I know I didn’t) I will own up to it totally and make the biggest scusa known to ClozeM! :wink:

I’ve even cleared my Reviews, looking for that dang fullstop:-(

Edit: Jan 26th. Found it at last under Collection - Italian 1 (with Backfeed Betty voice). Have two screenshots but don’t know how to add them.

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Ah. That’s a custom-produced shared collection. That’s why I couldn’t find it:

Ah, that’s easy. In the reply dialog’s toolbar you’ll see an option for Upload:

Click that, and this dialog will appear:

Click the Browse button to navigate to your screenshots, select one, and click the blue [Upload] button.

Voila, you have an image in your post.

Mille grazie. I tried a couple of symbols but didn’t want to mess up. I’m glad to show that I haven’t lost my marbles;-)

Oops, ignore the first one - duplicated. You can see the full stop on no. 3. Thanks for your guidance:-)

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