Just couldn't resist a celebratory "Grazie mille!"

… for 777 happy days with Clozemaster. I have no idea where the time has gone but I’ve learnt more than I thought possible.

Thank you also, fellow Clozecisti, for all the encouraging upcheers:-) All truly appreciated.



Congrats! Mine is a puny 19 currently…


Ciao @JmGb . No way puny, just the start of 20 and up! :wink: Attaboy!

My best to you…

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Now what is a repdigit or magic number like 777 in Italian?

In German it is “Schnapszahl”, so: Cheers!


Mille grazie @MRgK. What a great word - I’ve no idea if there is one in Italian. Must ask.

Have a good day;-)

Nothing romantic in this case I’m afraid, as far as I’m aware; it’s a “numero a cifra ripetuta”, although the inglese “repdigit” is often used for brevity.

If there IS another word for it, I’m sure it’ll turn up in a Lorenzo Baglioni song eventually.

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@LuciusVorenusX Hai ragione, e grazie! Or Caparezza, un rapper preferito with a sense of humour :wink:

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It’s not just the sense of humour, though; Il Prof appeals to my inner nerd because his songs cover physics (there’s nothing like a power ballad on the laws of Kepler sung in Italian), biology, mathemarics, chemistry, medicine… oh, and of course language. If you haven’t seen this, it’s really worth watching! :laughing:

Ha, only Il Prof could make the congiuntivo sound so… kinda, well you know…! Submit to the subjunctivo yo!

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