Is it goodbye to Carla and Giorgio!?

No doubt to appeal more to children, it seems the voices of Carla and Giorgio that have patiently taught me for 1615 Duolingo days, have been replaced.

Please “Mike” don’t go changing, replace Backfeed Betty with pleasure but not our C&G. Per favore🤔!

I’m not hearing that. I just did my daily dose of 500 Most Common and trying to flatten my oversized pile of FFT reviews, and I got the same collection of voices that I’ve always had for those. (For private collections it’s all Backfeed Betty, but that’s normal.) Since the voices apparently depend on the device, could you have changed devices recently?

Ciao Lucius. I should have been clearer - only on the Duo app and web versions, new voices! And yes, grazie ai santi, Carla and Giorgio are still with us here:-) I care about them and they’ve taught me to listen well, very glad indeed that they’re still here. Cheers… F