"In migliaia sono rimasti senza un tetto"

(English from Italian. Translation: Thousands of people lost their homes)

If someone could let me know why “In” is used here, I’d be most grateful. I would have written “Migliaia di persone…”

Una buona giornata!..


It seems to me to resemble a construction like “The number of people who lost their homes was/ran in the thousands” perhaps?

Interesting construction indeed though, would love to learn more about it, if it is commonly used indeed.

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The sentence was added to Tatoeba by a native speaker it seems (and reviewed/approved by another one), but there’s no alternative form/translation of it, as far as I can tell (see here).

I can only find one other sentence with “in migliaia” though, and there it’s at the end, rather than at the beginning. And one with “in milioni” in a similar construction.

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@sindaco e @morbrorper Ah, penso di aver visto la luce! Possibly the construction is what confused me: “In thousands people lost their homes”. I was hooked on “Thousands of people” - sorry Tatoeba! e grazie Sindaco.

Edit: I fell into the “millions” trap, now edited to “thousands” :wink: