I'm not sure if I should already have conquered

the FFT, MCW, CL, CR, RC and various Grammar features, but after 500 days I’m still enjoying ClozeM as much as my first day here, if not more!

Tanti auguri a tutti!


Don’t worry about conquering anything, as long as you’re enjoying the ride and feeling like you’re learning things along the way :wink:

A number of us have already more than happily embraced the fact that any form of completion is still many years away, but that it’s all about the journey anyway. Divertitevi! Here’s to many lovely multiples of 500 days to come :hugs: :wine_glass: :coffee:

P.S. I first thought the sentence was the translation of a cloze sentence, and I was thinking it’s definitely a challenging construction with the uncertainty of “I’m not sure” followed by “should already have conquered”…


You’re so right @sindaco. Just learning something new every day is all part of the adventure;-)

Have a very good day! Thanks for the vino!

Ps Sì sì I should have put it under General Discussion or Lounge. It’s habit to go Italian;-)