"I clienti han deciso"?

Ciao a tutti. This one had me stumped till I remembered that sono is often shortened to son. Can we take it that “han deciso” is for a better smoother sound (importante con l’italiano) and that it’s regularly used with other verbs, not just avere pe “Tom e Mary han fatto una pizza anche se lui è un eroe in cucina”. Qui hmmm, preferito hanno per il ritmo. A dopo…


Hi @Floria7 you guessed right, it is a truncation of “hanno”. It may be used colloquially, but I would not use in formal speech or in writing.

I don’t think I use it all that often, even informally, so I would say it is useful to be aware of it, but you don’t really need to use it.


Grazie Mike-lima per han e hanno. Molto utile.