How to overcome wrong "gut feelings"?

Today I had the this cloze:
Si adatta bene con la città intorno ad …
(It fits in well with the city around it)

I put in “essa”, correct was “esso”.
Now, “essa” is not per se wrong (IMHO), but absolutely wrong was the reason why I chose “essa”.
I do my clozes fast, without thinking. I heard the “andatta” und that was it.
Taking some time and analyzing the sentence, I understand that is derived from “adattarsi” and not the female form of “adatto” and is therefore no clue for the genus of “it”

However, these mistakes, where my “gut feelings” lead me to wrong endings are quite common for me.
This is the greatest obstacle before I can “think Italian” (in contrast to just translating).

Do you have simlar experiences?
Any idea how to overcome that?



Ciao. An interesting post! Would it help to slow down a bit before answering and then repeat correctly at speed? On the other hand the “getting it wrong” is a great way of embedding the right answer for the next time around.

I don’t ever linger too long on why I got it wrong but repeat the right answer several times, add it to Favourites for later and move on. Don’t ever let getting it wrong stop you “thinking in Italian”. Just think it correctly over and over once you know the right answer;-)

Wish I could be a little more helpful, I’m not putting it too well :wink: