Hi to all Italian enthusiasts!

I’m Chris; retired; and a lifelong language enthusiast. Italian is by far my favourite language, and I’ve been studying it for just over four years. I’m on a great Italian forum and the admin often mentions Clozemaster, so I decided to give it another go and am thoroughly enjoying it. Except perhaps, for the grammar :wink: A presto.


Ehilà @ChrisM, che bel messaggio! Good to see you here and enjoying it. Grammar?! Hmm, know the feeling!:thinking:

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Piacere @Floria7 e grazie!

Benvenuto! Che bella lingua, italiano…

May I ask what Forum you are engaging with? Always happy to add more Italian community to my life.


Ciao @Dcarl1 It’s this one: https://italianduo.boards.net/ Friendly, as much in Italian as people feel comfortable with and educational. Hope to see you there. A presto. Chris