Getting back to previous sentence

Sometimes I press Next in haste. Is there a way to get back to a previous sentence?

Else can this be a feature request?



There is no way to go back, but it has been requested a few times already.

However, if you press “End round”, you can still do most things in the overview screen, that you could have done in the actual sentence interface:

You can still:

  • See the sentence and its translation
  • Play back the audio
  • Edit the sentence (which allows you to edit “Translation”, “Pronunciation”, “Notes”, “Percent Mastered”, “Favorited”, “Ignored”, “Hint” and “Alternative Answers”)
  • Favorite it directly
  • Ignore it directly
  • View the Grammar breakdown (if it is available for the language/collection)
  • Add the Sentence to a (custom) collection
  • Comment on it or open the sentence discussion
  • Report an issue with it (which also still gives you the link to the source sentence on Tatoeba if you click on it)

So basically the only thing that seems to be missing from the Round overview, is the option to play back the sentence audio at half speed. Hope that helps you :slight_smile: I personally use it quite a lot, since I often progressed to the next sentence without intending to.


Hi… I’ve often wanted to “go back” but generally wait till the list of sentences appear at the end of my 10, and double-check it. I wonder if going back would affect word count etc.



@curiouskatze @sindaco @Floria7 why would you like to go back? What are you looking to be able to do?


Hi @mike Very occasionally I click in error (lol!) and want to correct myself. But it’s no big deal, I repeat the sentence at the end of the sequence.

Loving the Random Collection feature.



There used to be a number of reasons, but for me all of these have been completely resolved with the recent excellent addition of all these options to the end of round sentence overview :slight_smile: (as @zzcguns highlighted here). This feature, combined with the addition of the grammar breakdown, are still my personal favourite recent improvements! Thanks for checking in with us, and most importantly thanks again for these great additions!


My use case is that I want to set back the percentage mastered after barely mastering a difficult cloze. Even though I may be able to do it later on, I often forget to do so.

But almost always when I want to go back is when I have accidentally tapped where I shouldn’t, not when I have pressed “Next”.


Thanks for all the feedback! Going back to the previous sentences presents some technical challenges at the moment, so we added a new feature to see the sentences you’ve already played in a round, can see a gif here. Curious to hear if this feature solves what you’re trying to do, or if something else might be more useful.


Wow, this is super awesome! Thanks, I can’t wait to try it out, if understand correctly this means you don’t have to end the round in order to access the actions for the previously played sentence(s)?

Edit: ok, sadly for me it doesn’t seem to work. It does bring up the list of sentences played (and if you’re on the first sentence of a round, it does correctly prompt you to play more sentences, before you can use it), but if I click on the little hamburger icon, it always brings up the following error, regardless of how many sentences I’ve played:

So currently I can’t actually edit any of the previous sentence properties from this interface (or bring up their corresponding sentence discussions), and would still need to end the round to access it. I’m using Firefox desktop.

Also a question: is there a keyboard shortcut combination for accessing it? Thanks!

Edit 2: ok, so I think I understand how it’s meant to work. The “Recently played” icon, brings up the list of recently played sentences that you would normally see at the end of the round. Then if you click on the hamburger menu, it performs a search in all sentences for that exact sentence, thus allowing you to access all its properties without you having to recall the previous sentence(s) yourself and/or enter them manually in the sentence search.

However this is the part where it goes wrong for me for some reason, always throwing the error, even if I edit the sentence, it doesn’t seem to work. I’ve just tested and normal sentence search from within the round does seem to work just fine.


@mike You never cease to amaze! Thanks for yet another tweak;-)

About to try it tho I’m generally OK with the phrase list following. Ciao!

Later: Works a treat! Thank you again.


@sindaco it looks like you’re playing the “play sentences from all these collections selected randomly” from the dashboard - is that right? :bug: We should be able to get a fix up later today - thanks for letting us know! It does appear to be working as expected / like you described when playing individual collections.

Correct! (that’s the intention anyway :slight_smile:)


I’m currently using “Review all”, I was indeed wondering if the error is caused by the review round involving sentences across multiple collections (though the ones I’m currently reviewing should be all from within the Fluency Fast Track). I’ll give it a go, reviewing just one collection at once too. Thanks for getting a fix up later, and glad to hear it should already be working fine when playing/reviewing individual collections! :grin: Super helpful addition!

Edit: just confirmed, when reviewing from within a single collection, it works like a charm! Only thing missing now (apart from working across collections) is a helpful keyboard shortcut :wink: Since “h”, “r” and “s” are already assigned for “hint”, “reset” and “search sentences”, perhaps “alt + o” for “Oops, I didn’t mean to progress to the next sentence just yet!”, or “alt + b” for “Back to the previous sentences, please” or such could be considered :stuck_out_tongue:


This should now be working for Review All and Play All :raised_hands: Any other issues please let us know, as well as if you think being able to go back to the previous sentence or something else would be more useful.


Grazie mille! As always, communication here is the best:-) :tada:


Is there a way to see sentences you’ve played after you close out of a round and return to the dashboard? Sometimes, after a particularly hard round, I’d like to replay the sentences again or at least review them.

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I recently discovered a handy feature, after getting an answer right, but BEFORE I press next, I see words other than the cloze word underlined. When I click on one, say a word in the sentence I want to learn and see as a cloze, I can select ‘add to collection’ and it makes a version of the sentence with the new word as the cloze, and I can add it to one of my custom collections. I LOVE this feature, as lots of the clozes selected for Irish are silly and redundant, so this is a way I can tweak the sentences to my liking. But…
Thing is, if I have ‘trigger finger’ and select ‘Next’, and I go to the end of my round and attempt to find that feature in the list of sentences, I can’t. Am I missing something or is that a feature to add?
Thanks! Am really loving Clozemaster Pro for my Irish. Not loving all the Tatoeba mistakes that don’t get corrected, but at least I can ignore and craft my own versions.


Do you report them to Tatoeba by leaving comments there? (This requires that you join Tatoeba, but that takes minimal effort.) Clozemaster lets you report to both Clozemaster and Tatoeba when you click the red flag icon. It does take a few seconds, but I always do it, and it feels worthwhile to me. If you add the sentences on which you leave comments to a list at Tatoeba, and tell me the name of the list, I’ll make sure that they won’t go unnoticed.


I do indeed report them to Tatoeba… I was mostly grousing that sometimes it takes a while to get a response there. It is getting better, though. I wasn’t sure what you meant by comments to a list at Tatoeba… but I’ve since looked it up and created a list and reviewed the sentences I’d commented on. You can find it here: Irish Sentences Needing Corrections - Tatoeba
And thanks!!

PS… is there a way to look up any of the users that have said they are native Irish speakers?


You can see a list of the Irish speakers here:

You can get to the same place via the user interface by selecting “Community/Languages of members”, then searching for “Irish”.

The (self-described) native speakers are at the beginning of the list, with five stars. There are six of them. If you click on the username of each one, you can see their profile. From that profile, there’s a list of the number of sentences that person has contributed and a “Show latest activity” link. This will give you an idea of how active they’ve ever been, and how active they are now. Unfortunately, none of them have contributed sentences lately, but if you send a private message to one of them, and if they have notifications enabled in their profile, perhaps they’ll see your note and come back. Please let me know if any of them do. You could also try contacting some of the people who have described themselves as one level below native (four stars).

Good luck!


Thanks Alan… I’m pretty sure I know one of them via Facebook so I will ask her if she would also look at the list of questionable sentences I’ve started to keep. That will be really helpful as she also contributes voice files to Forvo on a regular basis. Thanks again and if I have any more questions on this I’ll let you know. I appreciate your help!