New feature - post-round sentence options

I’d like to say another big thanks to @mike for extending the list of options on sentences at the end of a round.

That’s so helpful, particularly as I often only quickly notice sentence discussion bubbles slightly too late as I press enter twice, and now I can check those out at the end of a round - for example as with this sentence -

It will also be super useful for not having to interrupt my flow when I think that I’d like to add a sentence to a collection (or want to report something).

I know other people have requested this type of functionality previously, so I’m sure it will be well received.

All round, a great new feature :smiley: with a big thumbs up :+1: :+1: from me


Indeedy. Cloze just gets better and better. Thank you @mike!


Zzcguns! Thank you for discovering this useful feature and letting us know. IMHO, new features should be announced somewhere, not just accidently discovered by the users.( If I missed that announcement , I will take my comment back)


This happens to me quite a lot too. Glad to now have this option and the others!

Three cheers for mike and the team!