First go at "Listening" in beta, hmm

It certainly expects you to react and speak within a second, if you don’t it means clicking Record on and off. With one answer, English from Italian, it wanted “Mosquito” for “Le zanzare”, and Ital from E, I clearly and swiftly answered “Saremo” and it gave “San Remo”! So I popped back to entering text with no problems at all.

Edit: Today I said “Convento” clearly and in my best Italian but it recorded “col vento” and then “con vento”. Getting too many red crosses so may give it a rest😊jusk 4 a wile.

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I do like it and I think it has a lot of potential but I do wish it would give people more time before it stops recording. I have found it more accurate when I use a mic attached to my laptop rather than using the phone but some people may not have that option.

Sometimes it just doesn’t understand no matter how well you see it as that something that clozemaster can help I’m not sure maybe it’s the limits speech-to-text technology

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Hi. Yes it certainly has potential and I’ll keep trying.