Feedback Request: Next Review Controls in the Mobile App



Do these controls make sense? Are there any glaring issues or anything you might like to see added or changed?

This post is intentionally short on details to get your first impression :slight_smile: Thanks for any and all feedback as usual!

  • Awesome! Release it!
  • Exciting, but needs some changes.
  • I get it, but probably won’t use it.
  • I have no idea what I’m looking at.

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Hi @mike. I occasionally use the app and have always found it neat, clean and really easy to use. I haven’t voted as I’m a bit “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” but I 'm happy to adapt to whatever you choose.

Best regards… Floria7

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I SORT OF get it (though I’m not sure what powers the specific increments and decrements, for example a current review time of 11 days seems to give +22 or -6 as the options), but that’s not why I’m unlikely to use it. I can see the appeal of being able to set review periods individually by question, but in reality I generally do these in collections, and for me most of those collections need to be kicked over as a group. If there are outliers (either in need of more frequent or less frequent review) I’ll generally kick them out to a different collection. Doing the review period question by question would be too much like hard work, though I may use it occasionally.


I have requested more fine-grained control over review times, so this looks like a step in the right direction.


Thanks all the feedback! Might changing the buttons to Hard/Easy make more sense?

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@mike This I like;-)


Yes, I could like something like this, in the browser. :wink:


I like the idea of getting more controls such as this, and it looks useful. However, I don’t use the app, so I’m with @morbrorper in saying that I could use something like this in the browser.

Having said that, I don’t think I’d use this as it is, but with one change I could find it very useful indeed …

In my case, when I find a word hard during the learning process, I don’t only want to adjust the review time, but I also want to adjust the percentage learned so that I get extra practice.

I’ll give an example: - Let’s say that I get a cloze correct at 50% learned so that it moves to 75% learned, but I don’t feel confident about knowing it. Then I’d like a quick button to reset it back to 50% learned, so that I see it again at the 50% time interval (of course, when I say “button” I mean “button and associated keyboard shortcut” :grin:).

My current options in this case are -

  1. Manually edit the sentence to adjust the %learned factor.
  2. Reset the sentence all the way back to zero.
  3. Add the sentence to a private collection to get more practice (or use favourites for the same reason).

Currently I use tactic number 3 to get more practice, unless I’m only at 25% learned in which case I reset to zero.

What I’d like is the ability to reset to the “old” %learned and have that time interval as the time interval to the next time to review e.g. in the example above, if 25% to 50% learned is a 3 day interval, and 50% to 75% learned is a 9 day interval, then I’d like the “Hard” button to reset the sentence to 50% learned and see it again in 3 days.

As things stand with the current suggestion of clicking “Hard” just meaning that you get to see it earlier, I think that for me that would make things worse, as I could easily get the word to be 100% through having intervals that are too short and then I would falsely believe that I’d learned the word when in reality I’d just managed to keep it in short-term memory long enough to get through a shortened set of intervals.

If the intention is to get through the “game” and get a sentence/cloze correct irrespective of whether you’ve really learned it, then just shortening the interval for “Hard” would help. In my case I want to actually learn the words, so I’d like to see it again for more practice.