Fai a modo

Any extra info on this sentence? Clozemaster says it means “behave yourself”. Google translate says it means “make it right”. Reverso says “fai a modo tuo” means “have it your way”. Have you ever heard this before? Any extra details that might be helpful? I could probably ask a madrelingua on HelloTalk.

Ciao @vito Will ask our club’s friendly madrelingua.

A dopo… Florialinda

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Fammi sapere quando lo scopri.

Grazie in anticipo, Floria.

Ciao @Vito89 I’m sure our madrelingua won’t mind me quoting: “fa a modo” actually means “do things well”. To tell someone who behaves well, the most common usage is “make the boy nice” or “be nice”, “make things right” - which is actually the same thing as “a modo”, but I believe that we (I don’t know in the South) use much more “amodo” rather than “a modo”, also because it is clearer. “a modo” tends to be confused with “in modo”.

So I think “Be nice!” is the modern way of saying it :slight_smile:

A dopo…