Don't delete hints/notes etc. with "Reset Progress" function

I’m currently resetting progress on collections so that I can go through them all over again, rather than wait for reviews to come around. Specifically, I’m going through Fluency Fast Track in several languages up to the level that I had previously reached (a little more than 10,000 sentences for each).

Unfortunately, I have discovered that resetting progress on a collection doesn’t just reset my “progress” as I had understood it, i.e. I thought progress simply meant whether a word was being learned, and the level to which it had been learned 0%/25%/50% etc.

Instead, much to my chagrin, I discovered that resetting progress also deletes any hints, notes, and other modifications that I had made. ( - The only thing that now makes this slightly less distressing is that it’s just given me an opportunity to use the wonderful phrase “much to my chagrin”).

I note that @morbrorper wondered whether this was the case in a previous bug report, but there was no reply to the bug report, and the question wasn’t answered at that time.

I’m not sure what other people expect from “Reset Progress”, but I didn’t expect it to do anything other than reset the %completed on words to a state as if they had never been played. I didn’t expect it to delete anything else.

I’ve currently reset and worked through two collections for which I didn’t have too many hints or notes. I now want to reset some others where I have thousands of hints that have taken me hundreds of hours to put together. Clearly, I am not going to do this and waste my time by having to go through and recompile all of these hints, so I’m looking to the Clozemaster team to come to my rescue.

Therefore, my request is the following:-

  1. Change the “Reset Progress” function so that it only resets the %completed on words to a state as if they had never been played.
  2. Change “Reset Progress” so that it leaves any user modification intact - hints / notes / alternative answers / changes to the translation etc.

(N.B. If people feel that there is a need for a function to remove all of their changes in a collection, then this could be provided via a separate “Erase all user data for this collection” button/function with an extra warning to tell people that all of their hours of work will be destroyed.)


Tagging @mike , since I think he should see this.


Thanks for raising this issue! Good points. The reset progress functionality should now only reset the % Mastered and next review dates, leaving everything else intact to your points above. Any other issues just let us know.


Thanks @mike that’s great to hear!

Now, the only question is … dare I try it out by pressing the reset progress button on one of the collections?


I think I need to create a very small private test collection first.



It works for the test case :+1:

I don’t need to reset progress just yet on any of the fluency fast track collections for which I’ve added thousands of hints, so I’ll save that panic attack for another day :joy: