Differentiating Between Multiple Correct Answers, Kanji Input

I’m having some slight annoyances with verb input and issues with a lot of sentences, some due to ambiguity and some due to kanji. Wondering if someone has ideas for improving this aside from just brute memorization (which I don’t think helps improve language skills).

When typing a lot of verbs, I have to type the entire conjugated verb to get the kanji / っ etc to show up properly, but have to backspace since part of the conjugation is already added. Any way to make this easier or do I just deal with it?

どこに 住ん でいますか。
Where do you live?

I have to type 住んで and backspace to get the IME to quickly display the right kanji.

Example of an ambiguous sentence:

僕の クラス の友達だよ。
She’s my classmate.

When reading just the English, I think 同級生です。
When reading the sentence with the blank, my mind goes to 授業

本は ほとんど ない。
They have few books.

I think putting 少 would fit just as well, making 本は少ない。


本当であるにはよ すぎる
This is too good to be true.

電話を かけ たい。
I want to make a phone call.

Both of these use uncommon kanji, but I got used to using both 過ぎる and 掛ける on a regular basis with native speakers, so having kanji shown as incorrect and hiragana as correct throws me off…

Any tips are appreciated :slight_smile:


I am afraid this is a hard problem that can only be solved satisfactorily by manual curation of the corpus.

Currently, I can only advise you to save a hint for every tricky cloze you encounter (this may be a Pro feature not available to all users) - that’s what I do in other languages to record gender and number, etc., when the base and target languages do not have the same world-view.


In addition to a hint you can also save alternative answers.


I agree with the posts above. I read somewhere that hints are fine for this sort of flash card activity and practice that when I’m learning kanji (ie doesn’t matter the stupid story I know to remember the kanji I still know it) so I use hints like 漢字、カタカタ、ひらがな、敬語、etc. Even if it’s a particular word that has given me trouble many many times I’ll throw down a simple hint (like the English meaning for one of the kanji). I eventually learn it and through enough use the roadblock is removed. Both @morbroprer and me and a few others try to correct the sentences as we go, as some of the translations seem like the translators were actually TRYING to come up with the worst most indirect translation possible. If enough of us did this the whole thing would improve a ton!


Hi there, just came to the forum because of a similar experience. I don’t mind the extra typing and deleting, but I often can’t see the starting kanji when cycling through the options given by the IME.

Advice on how to help with that is appreciated!

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Hi, this has been a problem for me as well, sometimes the IME lists 200 or more completion options, and I end up paging through 20 or more lists… and often it lists possible matches with characters I did not yet type before a closer match to the

Is there a way to convince the IME to show the closest matches first? I am using Mozc under Linux, if that makes a difference.