Did LuciusVorenusX get banned?

This person absolutely dominated the leaderboards and probably was the #1 point earner across all languages. I no longer see that username anywhere. Did he get banned? The amount of points he did in a week was unbelievable, but he had been here for many years doing that same thing.

He posted about eight days ago so it would seem he’s still doing his thing; -) Allora, come stai Ddeck? Duo seems a lifetime ago now doesn’t it, for me at least.

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It sure has been a while since the Duo days…I think my streak was only in the triple digits back then :slight_smile:

Did LuciusVorenusX get banned?

Not the last time I checked, but thanks for asking. :wink:

You clearly didn’t notice what is laughingly described as my “progress” in French. Sacre bleu!

It’s easier when you have three computers in front of you during your working day and use one to drill your target languages into your brain as a form of multitasking. My objective is to not have to think about the replies and just drill them into my brain… which means it’s not REALLY multitasking, I suppose, because the whole point is to make the responses a bit like breathing. Thankfully I have a job where I can do that.

No, the answer is simpler. Occasionally I like to step away from the points chase (not that I’m really counting points any more these days, much less levels; I couldn’t tell you off the top of my head what my score is in any language I’m doing). Also I figure that people sometimes get sick of the sight of me. So from time to time I just drop out of the leaderboards and run submerged for a while. This just happens to be one of those times.

But again, thanks for asking. :smile: