Dammi un tubo.

Spanish Translation

Dame una pista.

pista is indizio (hint) (in this context).
I didn’t find any information about tubo being “hint” also.
Dammi un tubo = Dame un tubo

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As an Italian, I don’t find any idiomatic use of this sentence, only the literal one of “give me a tube”.

“tubo” can be used in the sense of (an emphatic) “nothing” in sentences with a negation:

“Non fa un tubo” → “It does nothing/it is not working”
“Non ci capisco un tubo” → “I understand nothing of this”
“Non dargli un tubo” → “Give him nothing”


Like the other sentence you flagged recently (with suonare, which was translated in the meaning of giocare in Spanish instead), this sentence seems to be a link based on a translation of a translation, likely from Spanish via a language like English (which doesn’t distinguish between the two versions of “playing”) to Italian, I imagine due to a lack of direct links between the two languages, which can cause many issues, like I flagged before.

If you come across these sentences, if you’re not doing it already, it would be helpful to “flag” them as incorrect indirect links here on Clozemaster, because on Tatoeba there was no such link (otherwise you would see in the sentence history that the Italian translation had been unlinked). I guess it might also help to add the correct direct linkages on Tatoeba, but I think that might require a more established Tatoeba account.


On a jokey note, I remember years ago an Australian-Italian might have said “Dammi un tubo” meaning “Gimme a tube” - a beer!

Thanks Mike-lima for a v helpful explanation.


I suspect it’s an indirect translation via French, where “tuyau” can mean both tube and tip (hint).