Non suoni con me.

Spanish Translation

No juegues conmigo.

No toques conmigo*

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Suonare?! You don’t play (an instrument?) with me. Surely “non giochi con me” would be better?


Yes. in spanish this was translated as jugar (to play) but jugar in spanish doesn’t also mean to play an instrument. so the correct translation is “no toques conmigo”.

and that would be “No juegues conmigo.”
It’s the translation of a translation.

Mamma mia, we live and learn! Thanks for the translation of the translation;-)

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As in Spanish, in Italian too different verbs are used for play:

to play a musical instrument → “suonare uno strumento”
to play a game → “giocare a un gioco” or “fare un gioco”
to play a video → “riprodurre un video”

So maybe, translating from English, Italian and Spanish translators chose a different meaning of “play”.


Ciao @mike-lima There is one sentence in Italian along the lines of “The girls were running and playing in the park” using “suonare”. It always reminds me of the wonderful Bersaglieri who really do run and play :wink: