Comunque a chi gliene importa?

I understand gliene most of the time but can’t quite work out how this means “Who cares anyway”.


Checking on Tatoeba, it seems a common expression, with only a couple of variations on the same:

1. Comunque a chi gliene importa?
2. Comunque a chi gliene interessa?

And the slightly more “colourful”:
3. A chi cazzo gliene frega?

Ah, I found this useful post explaining the construction (post #4 if it doesn’t directly take you there - disregard the title):


But actually it seems you might also just as easily do without it, given the heaps of sentences which don’t include it:

@sindaco, mille grazie davvero! This sheds a lot of light on the gliene. Hmm, this is where Italian grammar lets us know there is so much more to learn. È una sfida no?

Thanks again, I had no idea importarsene existed! A dopo…

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