"Chi stai evitando?"

Ciao a tutti. Mentre Giorgio seems to be saying “Chi state evitando?” to avoid frustration best to write “Chi stai…” which is accepted. Happy to be brutally corrected if I misheard :wink:

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No, that’s definitely wrong; there’s no way that he’s saying “stai” rather than “state”. There is actually another question which is “Chi state evitando” with the correct pronunciation.

Going back to the source of the question on Tatoeba you can see that the title of the question is “Chi stai evitando?”, with “Chi state evitando?” in the “Translations of translations” section. However none of them have an audio file, so I don’t know where the CM audio came from. However my knowledge of both Tatoeba and the audio processes on CM is barely above room temperature. I haven’t found any help files on dealing with the issue either so I usually just flag them. It’s about all we can do at the moment.

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Ciao. Glad I wasn’t hearing things. I don’t usually dwell on the occasional blip and get picky, just note it and move on. Giorgio is easily forgiven, not sure about Backfeed Betty;-), at least it makes us stop, query and learn so that’s a positive. Have a good day!