Changing a Collection from

Does anyone know how to change a Collection from “Shared/Edit” to “Created by”? I wasn’t very confident when I created mine and I’d like to update it. However, it’s not that important, just thought I’d ask.

Do you mean you want to make it private, update and make public again? You can do that by choosing Edit and changing the Visibility. I’m not sure if you have to do that though, depending on the changes you want to make.

@mike, what do you say?

Thanks @morbrorper When I created it I thought it would show “Created by…”, as per the other Collections, so it was probably because I clicked on Share to start with. Next time I’ll do it differently.

Thanks anyway, I’m thoroughly enjoying your multi word Collection👍

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Hi @Floria7 , it will only show “created by” and the creator’s name to people who DIDN’T create the collection. After all, you already KNOW who created it!

What you will see will depend on whether it’s a collection that you created, or that someone else created, and if it’s one of yours, whether it is shared or not as shown below:

Fear not, when anyone else uses your collection, you get your rightful credit for it; it would just be redundant to be showing that credit back to yourself.


Thank you so much @LuciusVorenusX . All comes clear, most helpful should I ever Create and Share some more ce ne ci helpful hints :wink:

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