Briscola - online recommendation

Some time ago a member suggested a good site for online Briscola. It may have been @giuseppeBG who recommended Board Games Arena. I just wondered if anyone has tried BGA and whether it’s worth signing in. Grazie in anticipo.

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I’m too new to Clozemaster to have an answer for you but thanks for mentioning Briscola, which I had never heard of. After a Google search, I now know it’s one of the three most popular Italian card games, along with Scopa and Tressette. Will give it a try after I learn the rules!

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Hi @DurhamBull I use an excellent app (I think it’s the best for clear helpful playing). It is the one with the blue front label of “Briscola” and man holding a club. I found the others too fussy;-) I’m far from expert but already addicted, in a nice way;-) I’m pretty sure BGA was recommended for on-line play. A dopo…


I don’t know if it was me, but I do like Board Game Arena.

Thanks @sindaco. I looked in on BGA and it looked fun but complicato. I was told to choose a name, clicked and was given a weird one in response which I can’t change. Courage will no doubt prevail and I’ll shoot up that leaderboard (una bugia!). A dopo… :wink:

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